What To Expect


Before we meet with you face to face, one of our providers will speak with you over the phone. This phone call will help us (and you!) to decide if we can help.

During this phone call, we will ask you a few questions:

  • Which substances (drugs and/or alcohol) are you using?
  • Have you had a history of withdrawal?
  • Have been treated for a substance abuse disorder before? If yes, we will ask about the details of that treatment.
  • What is your general medical history? This may include any illnesses or chronic conditions.
  • What are your treatment goals?
  • Are there any issues that may affect the success of the treatment? This may include financial and insurance issues or problems with transportation.

We may request that you meet with a counselor, psychiatrist, primary care physician and/or other specialist before our initial face-to-face evaluation.
We can refer you to a counselor, or you can find one by using this the SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) search engine:

find a local counselor


If we agree that further treatment is the right choice for you after we have spoken on the phone, we will schedule an appointment for you to come to our office.We may need you to sign a form to request a copy of your medical records from your doctor or counselor before you come to your first appointment.male-doctor-speaking-to-older-man.During your first visit, we will collect more medical information and perform a few basic tests. Usually, you can expect to:

  • Complete a “new patient” form.

  • Review and sign a treatment contract.
  • Have a basic physical exam, which will include checking your blood pressure, pulse, and other vitals.
  • Have a urine drug screen.

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