Medication-assisted treatment involves using prescribed medications to treat drug or alcohol dependence and to help the patients to stay sober.

An addiction medicine physician has specialty training and certification to assess and treat people with substance use disorders.

An addiction medicine specialist is a healthcare worker who has education and experience in the prevention, screening, intervention, and treatment of substance use disorders.

Medical toxicology is an officially recognized medical subspecialty focusing on the diagnosis, management, and prevention of poisoning and other adverse health effects due to medications, occupational and environmental toxins, and biological agents.

Addiction is a condition that occurs when a person’s urge to use the drug (or engage in an activity) is so strong that they cannot stop, even if they want to. Addiction tends to interfere with daily life and to undermine work, relationships, and health.

Substance use or abuse disorders occur when repeated use of drugs or alcohol interferes with your ability to function normally. People with substance abuse disorders may have trouble with their daily tasks, such as performing at work, or completing schoolwork. Additional information about substance use disorders can be found here: http://www.samhsa.gov/disorders/substance-use

The total cost will depend on your particular situation. Your treatment may be covered by insurance, including Medicare, Blue Cross, and other private insurance. Please contact us or your insurance company for more information. You will be responsible for any amount not covered by your insurance. Home detoxification (home visits) is not covered by insurance. Please contact us for rates if you need this service.

Yes. Counseling is the foundation of addiction treatment and we require our patients to be followed by a counselor. In most circumstances, we will not start medication-assisted therapy without a referral from a counselor.

Treatment time can vary substantially depending on your situation, and your treatment needs and options may change over time. Addiction is a lifelong disease. Your chances of staying sober increase with treatment time.

We at Associates In Medical Toxicology treat the following dependencies: alcohol, benzodiazepine, cannabis, nicotine, opioid, and other substance addictions.

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